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Are you still wasting time trying to figure out wine labels on your own?

(and keep getting overwhelmed, so you end up going back to wines you’ve already had before)? 

“ Erin is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything boozy, and her approach to wine education is so refreshing.  Without any pretence, Erin is committed to sharing her passion for wine in a way we can all relate to”

(And—before you ask—yes, this is a real quote from our client, Selena Hucal.)  

Trying to navigate the wine industry can be overwhelming, technical, intimidating and let's just say it … snobby —our goal?

Make it fun! 

We partner with our students and bring wine education down to earth by making it fun, easy, practical, and instantly accessible —eliminating that feeling that you’ll need to spend years studying for it ever to begin to make sense.”

“And, while we don’t do snobby, we’ll surely accept that we’re as refreshing as a chilled glass of Prosecco on a hot summer’s day".

Nice to meet you

I’m Erin, and I educate wine enthusiasts and wine business owners who are struggling to grow their wine knowledge and are ready for it not to feel so mind-boggling out of reach

I help wine lovers just like you become wine-wise quickly —all while building their confidence without all the snobbish pretence OR feeling like everything is over their heads.

With over 20 years of experience, 1000’s of students and certifications from global wine guilds and organizations including the, WSET, International Sommelier Guild and the Court of Master Sommeliers, I have the real-life know-how my students and clients are looking for.

Now, I offer an alternative to traditional wine education for wine enthusiasts, so you can learn quickly and feel confident when shopping, creating a pairing at home, or ordering wine at a restaurant.

Trust me, my style is sooooo different from the traditional wine instructor you’re probably expecting…

It started with a simple idea..

 I started the Practical Sommelier and its teaching division Wine Girl Academy with a simple idea: learning about wine should be enjoyable, approachable, and free from any stuffy or snobbish attitudes.

I had noticed that many wine classes left wine enthusiasts feeling like they didn't fit in or didn't know enough to attend. That's why I made it my mission to speak, teach, and write about wine in a way that resonates with everyone.

My goal is to provide easy-to-understand, practical wine information that can be used by all.

Wine has a rich history of bringing people together to share a meal, create lasting memories, and enjoy each other's company. As a wine educator, I feel privileged every day to help people select wines to share with family and friends.

I love my work and am excited to be your personal "practical sommelier."

So, whether you're a wine novice or an experienced enthusiast, I'm here to make your wine journey enjoyable and engaging. 

How I can help


Take the Palate Personality Quiz! Our signature quick and easy quiz will help you discover the styles of wines that you enjoy.

You'll receive an entire booklet filled with information about your palate personality and a list of recommended wines to start enjoying. The perfect first step on your wine-learning journey!


Explore our range of products, and courses we're confident you'll find something that's just right for you to get started.

So go ahead and take a look - we're excited to support you on your wine journey!


Need one-on-on support? Whether you need assistance with event planning, wine exam preparation, or business strategy, we offer personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Don't hesitate to reach out  - we're always happy to help!

"Erin's teaching is like having a girlfriend over to explain all the ins and outs of each wine and their pairings. She gives you the confidence to be able to discuss any kind of wine. Who knew Champagne and Popcorn was a thing!? Wine and Chocolate...Yes please!

Not only has Erin made this fun, but she has also created these courses so you can share a fun night in with friends pairing different wines with different foods. If you haven't signed up for a course, do it today! It will not disappoint."

Emma Crane The Female Wellness Boutique

Because it's always fun to share

Here are a few of my favorite things....

Well, here we are, you made it all the way to the  bottom of the page: 

You’re at the what’s next part, and you have a few choices…

So, if you’re ready to start making people wonder how you’re always able to understand wine labels and easily pick out a wine that you’ll love..

Select the link below that says “Choose Me” for you and let’s get started. 🥂

Join in the fun!

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Wine Girl Academy 2022

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Wine Girl Academy 2022